About Us

The company is located in Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing City, an old industrial city in Guangdong Province and an excellent tourist city in China. The company has a strong technical force: 5 registered hydraulic and mechanical engineers. The leadership has more than 30 years of industry experience in the processing of cylinders and hydraulic cylinder end caps, pistons and connecting accessories. There are more than 10 workshop workers with the professional titles of technicians and senior technicians.

Our company has inclined rail CNC lathes such as K500, K400, K750, HS360, CNC machining centers such as NV900, NV850, NV650, Beiyi vertical milling machine, Dahe vertical drilling machine, and Yunji C500 × A large number of machining equipment such as a 3-meter lathe. The machining accuracy can be maintained within a tolerance range of ± 0.015mm throughout the year. We can provide a one-stop production service from design, trial production, precise improvement, product confirmation, and mass production based on customer drawings or samples.

Our company is committed to becoming a leading manufacturer of cylinder and hydraulic cylinder accessories in the country, hoping to provide high-quality services to sincere and demanding customers.

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